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Weda Snake Vaporizer

The Weda is CLEVER, we can consider it a smartpipe, its small brain determines the temperature to be administered at any given time, also distributes heat efficiently over the entire surface of the container, it has configured 3 modes of heating by default and incorporates a set of LEDs Of colors that will warn you from the state of the battery to the selected heat mode.


When the led is red the temperature is 215º, if it is blue 190º and green 180º, the push-button on / off is also intelligent, It indicates you the perfect moment for the aspiration, when you press it is red and when it changes to green it is to indicate to you that it has reached the perfect temperature for the aspiration.

Traveling to the beach, or to the mountain, A 2200mA battery allows you 12 hours of normal operation, or 6 hours exhaustive use, the container is large enough to hold a good load. And now your WEDA SNAKE comes super equipped, with a leather case so you can carry it everywhere, your usual cleaning kit and a Power Bank so that when you travel you never run out of battery ..

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