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Pejula Bubbler Vaporizer

Already available the portable vaporizer Pejula Bubbler with a beautiful red color, this revolutionary vaporizer for concentrates It is perfect for all kinds either with or without solvents.

This electronic pipe unlike the conventional Pejula can change the power supplied to the head,being able to regulate between 3.2 to 4.8V. it is also added a new part, a glass bubbler. 

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This provides the smoker a new experience, because this ensures cooling the steam, resulting in a more pleasant and enjoyable vaporised. The Pejula Bubbler battery is compatible with other accessories such as the T1 for the extractions, T2 for dried herbs and all Original Pejula replacement and the C1 or G1 Bubbler.

1. Unlock/Lock Function. Pejula Bubbler concentrates vaporizer comes locked from factory, to turn on just must make 5 clicks on the button, after turning on, the bottom LED indicator stops blinking, that informs the user that Pejula Bubbler is ready for use. To lock the Pejula Bubbler vaporizer you must press 5 clicks on the button.

2. Select Voltage. Pejula Bubbler incorporates a power regulator at the bottom of the battery, you can select your favorite voltage 3.2V to 4.8V.

3. Use Function To Use Pejula Bubbler is very easy, you just must press the button and the vaporizer coil will turn on, if it doesn’t turn on back to step5 of HOW TO USE.

4.Battery Cut-off To avoid overheating and to extend the life of the vaporizer, the Pejula Bubbler has a security cut-off, the LED indicator flash 5 times when the vaporizer is working more than 10 seconds, when the indicator stops the flash is ready to use again.

CHARGING When the battery power is low, the LED Indicator flash 15 times to indicate the battery is low charge and needs charging. To charge Pejula Bubbler unscrew the vaporizer coil and screw the USB charger. Put the USB charger in wall charger or PC USB. The LED indicator turn red this indicate the battery is charging when the LED indicator turns green this indicates the battery is fully charged. This takes about 4 hours to complete the charge. - You should use only USB charger for Pejula Bubbler battery - Full charge cycles to maintain a good life battery

WARRANTY Never operate the Pejula Bubbler with an empty vaporizer or without a nozzle attached, avoiding this could cause serious injuries or could cause damage to the electronic Pejula Bubbler. This product is intended for adults only. You cannot sell or provide to minors. If any part of your Pejula Bubbler gets wet, let it dry completely before reuse. The electronic pipe Pejula Bubbler is guaranteed from the manufacturer for malfunction for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase, this limited warranty protects against

Product Details

Data sheet

200 x 14 x 14 x 30 mm.
66 gr.
DC 3.3 – 4.8V
Load Time
4 h.
Lock & Unlock
Presionar botón 5 veces consecutivas
Safety Device
Dual PCB/IC Protection
Necessary Heating Time
Security Disconnection
( se desconecta automáticamente a los 10 s )
Electric Resistence
2.3 – 2.6 ohms
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